RMA,Return and warranty



In Denmark you have special rights when you as a consumer buy from a trader. You are a consumer if you are acting mainly for purposes which are outside your area of business. A trader is a party who is acting for purposes relating to his business.



The 14-day cooling-off period does not start until you have received the product.

You have received the product when, for example, it has been placed in your letterbox, when, by agreement with you, it has been placed in a shed or such likes, or when it has been delivered to your work place. If the product has been placed in a parcel locker or a shop where you are to collect it, the cooling-off period does not start until you have collected the product in the parcel locker/shop.



If you want to cancel your purchase, you have 14 days to notify the webshop of that fact. You must send a clear and plain message to the webshop stating that you want to make use of your cancellation right.

In many cases, the webshop will have an online function or standard form which you can use. If the webshop does not have this, you can send an email or a letter. Save the email or obtain a receipt to show that you have sent the letter.

Once you have notified the webshop that you want to cancel your purchase, you have a further 14 days to return the product to the webshop. When you cancel an online purchase, you are liable if the product goes missing or breaks during transportation back to the webshop. It is therefore a good idea to follow the webshop's instructions when returning the product.

The webshop has 14 days to pay the money back to you from the time you notified it that you are cancelling the purchase. You should have all your money back – including the original delivery costs. However, you yourself must pay for the transportation of the product back to the webshop, unless you have agreed otherwise with the webshop.


If the product has a fault for which the seller is liable, you, as a consumer, have the right to:

  • have the product repaired (remediation)
  • have the product exchanged for a new one (replacement delivery)
  • receive a pro rata reduction in the price 
  • cancel the purchase if the fault is not insignificant



You always have a two-year legal warranty.

1 year additional warranty for a total of 3 years warranty

Um die Rückgabe- und Ersatzeffizienz weiter zu verbessern, müssen Kunden lediglich das Seagate-Testprogramm online ausführen und den Screenshot des FAIL-Fehlerberichts (muss die SN-Nummer enthalten) an unsere E-Mail-Adresse sales@hddprice.de senden. Ein Test durch uns ist nicht erforderlich und lange warten, wenn Sie sich weigern, eine Fehlererklärung zu senden, haben wir das Recht, die Bearbeitung Ihrer Anfrage abzulehnen, da wir die neue Festplatte mit dem Fehlercode ersetzen müssen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, bevor Sie uns einen defekten Seagate-Test senden Code und SN-Nummer, damit wir die Rücksendung autorisieren und Ihnen eine RMA-Nummer (Return Material Authorization) ausstellen können. Führen Sie vor der Rücksendung des Produkts den Diagnose-Scan-Test von Seagate durch, um die Ursache des Fehlers zu bestätigenhttps://www.seagate.com/gb /en/support/downloads/seatools/v

Wie bekommt man eine Garantie?
Der Artikel ist defekt. Unsere OEM-Versionsgarantie auf die Festplatte entspricht der Produktbeschreibung, normalerweise 3 Jahre oder 5 Jahre. Wenn der Seagate-Test einen Fehlercode aufweist, senden wir direkt eine brandneue Festplatte, gleiches Modell, also Bevor Sie die Garantie in Anspruch nehmen können, überprüfen Sie bitte den Festplattentest von Seagate und senden Sie den Screenshot des Berichts (der möglicherweise die Seriennummer des Produkts zeigt) an unsere E-Mail-Adresse sales@hddprice.de. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, bevor Sie uns einen defekten Seagate-Testcode senden und SN-Nummer, damit wir die Rücksendung autorisieren und Ihnen eine RMA-Nummer (Return Material Authorization) ausstellen können. Bevor Sie das Produkt zurücksenden, führen Sie den Diagnosescan von Seagate durch, um die Ursache des Fehlers zu ermitteln


Efter at have stødt på et problem, kan vi løse problemet med harddisken mere effektivt i fremtiden. Vi skal først tillade Seagates harddisktestværktøj til at genkende harddiskens fejlkode

1. Why use SeaTools?
A test of all drives returned to Seagate for replacement under warranty found the majority to be in good condition with no issues found
(NPF). Returning a hard drive for warranty service means that your system will be out of service, and packing and returning the hard drive product will bring you
inconvenient. It is in your interest to find out if the drive really needs to be replaced before sending it out. This hard drive diagnostic utility will help you
This confirmation, it will not only save you time and money, but also protect your data.
  Some common reasons for problems not found are:
  * File system corruption
  * Driver corruption
  * MBR corruption
  * Virus and Trojan attack
  * Spyware, adware and keyloggers
  * hardware conflict
Seagate SeaTools software is easy to use. The following instructions will help you get the most out of this new software tool.

2. Using SeaTools for Windows
  A. Prepare the system
  All other applications should be closed before running drive diagnostics. The main reason for doing this is to let the hard disk focus as much as possible
SeaTools. Otherwise, Windows
Commands will continue to be issued to the drive to satisfy data access needs of other applications. In this case, SeaTools
Will temporarily suspend the current progress when the hard disk is busy. This is harmless to the hard drive and is a normal use case; however it will delay the
Completion time of SeaTools inspection

Via USB, 1394 Firewire or eSATA
An external hard drive connected to the system has different background activity than an internal hard drive. The logo of the built-in hard disk is SATA (Serial ATA), PATA (Parallel
ATA or IDE), SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), or SCSI. Most desktop and notebook computer systems have a SATA or PATA
Built-in hard disk.

If the detection time is too long, it may be necessary to suspend power management control first. A full hard drive scan can take hours to complete. The hard disk is now alone
Since it is running, the system may think that the hard disk should go into "standby" or "hibernation" mode. Windows XP and Vista
There is a "Turn off Hard Disk" setting in the "Power Options" of the Control Panel, which should be set to "Never" during the detection process.

For notebook systems, long tests should not be done on battery power only. These tests are hard disk intensive and they will be compared to a
Consumes more power under normal use. During testing, be sure to connect the AC adapter to ensure adequate power.
  To change the language, click the Help drop-down menu and select your desired language.

Select the hard drive to be detected
Once loaded, the various storage devices on your system will be listed on the screen. Check the box next to Drive Information to select the hard drive to be detected. this screen
The screen also displays information about the drive, such as model number, serial number. Seagate internal hard drive model numbers begin with the letters "ST". Maxtor
The product model number starts with "MAXTOR". An external hard drive may display a descriptive name such as "FreeAgent" or "OneTouch" in the Model column. Se
The agate serial number is alphanumeric and has a total of 8 characters. Seagate and Maxtor model drives are identified by a gold drive icon. No
Seagate drives are identified by a silver drive icon. A blue serial number indicates a boot device.

You can select multiple hard disks for detection at one time. Multiple hard disks can be tested simultaneously. You can also launch tests for other tests while they are running
Hard disk detection.
  Make sure to select the correct hard drive!

Choose which tests to run
  Displays a menu of diagnostic tests that can be performed. In addition to the "long detection class" provides repair USB
Except for the option of external hard disk sectors, all other basic tests are read-only tests that will not affect data security. Select the detection to perform. detection will
start immediately. Sector Repair can also be performed on Seagate-supported SATA drives using Fast Full Repair and Long Full Repair.
See the SATA Repair Properties screen below.
These tests include:
 Full fixes "Quick" and "Long" require confirmation to start
 SMART checks
 Short drive self-test takes 20 to 90 seconds
 Drive information can be saved to a log file
 Short detection class A three-part detection
 Long detection class progress in 1% increments, including USB external hard drive sector repair option


If the required level of support is missing, the software will report "detection not available". For example, "Short Drive Self Test" will not
run on the storage device.
When performing "Quick Full Repair" and "Long Time Full Repair", you need to press the F8 key, which means you confirm that SeaTools for Windows
It should attempt to fix any unreadable LBA (sector) issues it may detect.
Please note that when a sector is found to be bad and cannot be read, all data on it has been lost. See Section 4, "Help Topics:
Find Bad Sectors" for more information on this topic.

When the Short Drive Self Test (DST) is initiated, most drives will run a comprehensive diagnostic routine built into the drive's firmware. DST
No data corruption at all.

In most cases, the Short Drive Self-Test will suffice. If more comprehensive testing is required, consider running the "Long Test Class" or "Long Test Class"
DST detection", they read every sector of the hard disk.

Long tests will take longer to complete. Since the long test will read each sector of the hard disk, the time required depends on the speed of the hard disk.
degree and capacity. The largest hard drives typically require 2 to 4
hours to complete. You can abort the detection at any time, so that the hard disk will not be damaged, but if the detection is aborted, the hard disk cannot be fully detected.

"Long detection class" runs on internal and external hard drives. It can scan the entire hard drive from beginning to end. This test may take several hours to complete.
You can abort this test at any time. If a bad sector is found on the internal hard drive, the test fails and stops.
  For USB external hard drives, the "Long Detection Class" provides a "Repair" sector option. For more information on this matter, see Section 4
Topics under the section "Finding Bad Sectors". If you choose "Repair" > "None", "Long Detection Class" will scan the entire hard disk and list all unreadable sectors
into the log file.
  Data is stored in sectors, each sector is 512 bytes in size. enable usb
The "long detection class" of the sector repair function can only repair individual sectors as needed. Once a certain 512
If a sector of bytes cannot be read, any data that may have previously existed in that sector is lost. If the free space of the hard disk is large, it cannot read
The sectors of are most likely blank and unused sectors. If you choose Repair > All, after pressing F8
After pressing the key, the "Long Detection Class" detection will scan the entire hard disk, trying to repair all unreadable sectors. If a sector cannot be repaired, the test fails
and end. See the log file for a complete list of sectors that could not be read.


Summary of Results and Viewing Log Files
  After the diagnostic tests run, each hard drive tested will have a log file stored in the Program
Files/Seagate/SeaTools for Windows
folder. To view these logs, note the drive serial number, then select the Help drop-down menu, from which select View Log Files.
  The following test results are possible: - Pass - Fail - Abort